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The Product Manager
The Platform Architect
The Algorithm Engineer
Deputy General Manager
Deputy Manager of the Test Department
Deputy Manager of the System Integration Department
The Demand Analyst
Deputy Manager of Development Department
The Project Management
The System Architect
The Product Manager

Job Duties:

1. Compile the product demands specifications and form a unified product development idea through the specifications;

2。 Manage the product development, including the guidance to the product development, the management of the progress, the process document and the test, and the project acceptance;

3。 Conduct the product maintenance, manage and control the process of the product maintenance, to ensure the constant improvement of the products and prevent the newly-added functions from deviating the development goals。

Job Requirements:

1。 More than 10 years of working experience, especially have experience in manufacturing industry or successful products are preferred;

2.Have strong product planning ability, and are able to design the transaction process from the user's experience, focus on the user's experience and the user interactions;

3. Have rigorous logical thinking and analytical abilities, and are able to formulate the trading rules for the products on the platform;

4. Have strong coordination and communication skills and a high level of executive ability, and are able to coordinate with multiple departments to complete the work;

5. Have good data analysis ability and data sensitivity, and are able to analyze and summarize the business data, and provide solutions.

Working places: Xiamen city, Chengdu city

Contact information: 0592-5568096-811/817/809 (Human Resources Department)

Resume delivery mailbox:

The Platform Architect

Job Duties:

1. Responsible for the incubation of artificial intelligence products, which includes the technical investigation, technology selection, architecture design, development and transformation, etc.;

2。 Responsible for the construction of artificial intelligence R&D team, and the coding of the core code;

3. Assist the solution team to complete the design and implementation of the customized solutions;

4. Have deeply research on the application of mainstream open source artificial intelligence technologies.

5. Organize the internal training of platforms and products and promote them in the company's projects.

6. Responsible for the product, platform transformation and planning of the product line for the existing projects of the company.

Job Requirements:

1。 Bachelor degree or above in computer science or other related majors, have more than 5 years of experience in software development;

2. Proficient in Linux operating system, Python programming language, C/C++ and Java language is preferred;

3. Familiar with the common distributed computing components such as Hadoop, Spark, or Storm, etc., have the experience of using the deep learning frameworks such as Caffe, Tensorflow, CNTK, etc. is preferred;

4. Have the back-office design with high concurrency, high capacity as its features and the implementation experience;

5. Familiar with cloud computing, big data related technologies and implementation experience;

6。 Have at least one relevant background and experience in big data, machine learning, image recognition and speech recognition;

7. Familiar with the principle and design of the distributed system, have the analytical and architectural design ability of the complex system, make sure the technical selection is reasonable, good at discovering and solving problems, actively promote the project progress and put it into effect.

The Algorithm Engineer

Job Duties:

1. Responsible for the research and optimization of production order scheduling algorithm and improve the operational ability of the software continuously;

2。 Responsible for scheduling, data analysis and processing, developing the software。

3. Cooperate with the team to complete the system integration and assembly, and assist to complete the demand analysis of scheduling algorithm.

4. Responsible for analyzing the sample data and verifying the output of the algorithm conforms to the demand expectation.

5. Have insights into the business and operational requirements, responsible for the writing of algorithms and the technical solutions and related reports.

6. Responsible for reckoning the model and modeling of the big data, implementing the algorithm deduction of production, sales and cost expectations through programming.

7。 Work closely with the demand team and the technical team to ensure that the output of the algorithm meets the performance index under the limited requirements。

8. Responsible for researching the business transaction data, the basic data, the production process data, and exploring the application value of new data.

Job Qualifications:

1. More than 10 years of working experience in this position, have bachelor degree, have a profound knowledge of mathematics, statistics and computer, understand the data warehouse and related technologies of data mining;

2. Familiar with the decision tree, the clustering, the logistic regression, the correlation analysis, SVM, the Bayesian and other data mining algorithm is preferred, have a huge amount of time series data mining experience;

3。 Proficient in the data structure and common algorithms, sensitive to the business and business logic, have good logical analysis ability, organization and communication skills and team spirit;

4. Have excellent programming skills, familiar with C/C++ or Java at least and one programming language such as Java/python/R, Java language or more;

5. Have typical application cases of algorithms, which can solve the space and time complexity;

6. Join the ACM, and the recruitment priority is depended on the ACM ranking;

7. Model, analyze and break down key issues independently;

8. Have working experience in manufacturing, calculation and analysis is preferred.

Working place: Xiamen City

Contact information: 0592-5568096-811/817/809 (Human Resources Department)

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Deputy General Manager

Job Description: preside over the management of each branch comprehensively。

Job Content:

1. Make the strategic plan of the branch’s development, formulate and execute the medium term and long-term customer's development strategy;

2. Organize and study the technical development direction of the latest products of the industry, and preside over formulating the strategic plan for the development of technology;

3. Manage the overall core technology of the branch and organize the formulation and implementation of major technical decisions and technical plans;

4. Understand and supervise the implementation of the strategic planning of technological development in a timely manner;

5。 Lead the branch in charge of the department system and organize the implementation of the annual work plan, complete the annual tasks and targets;

6. Do the research and decide the company's technology roadmap and plan the company's products;

7。 Guide and review the overall technical plan of the project, and carry out the final quality assessment for each project;

8. Track the potential or specific projects and users, manage user's visits, technical exchanges, proposal making and contract negotiation within the region;

9. Establish the training plan for technicians and arrange the technical training for other related personnel.

Working places: Xiamen city, Chengdu city, Hefei City, Qingdao City

Contact information: 0592-5568096-811/817/809 (Human Resources Department)

Resume delivery mailbox:

Deputy Manager of the Test Department

Job Duties:

1. Responsible for the performance appraisal of personnel within the team and the cultivation of the team members;

2. Establish a standardized test management system, set up a standardized management method, optimize and improve it constantly;

3. Optimize the testing process, enrich the testing methods, introduce new test frameworks and test strategies;

4. Supervise the testing department so as to carry out relevant activities according to the company's workflow and management regulations;

5。 Responsible for leading the test team, distributing the test tasks and monitoring the test process。 Track and report the implementation process and test result of each project。 Deal with and report the problems and risks timely during the testing process, to ensure the successful completion of the test work;

6. Communicate and coordinate with other testers, developers and project managers to make each project go on wheels.

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in computer science or related majors;

2。 More than 5 years of working experience in testing and more than 3 years of team management experience;

3. Familiar with one or several programming languages, with development experience is preferred;

4. Proficient in the software testing theory and familiar with the basic methods, the processes and norms of software testing;

5。 Have the ability to continuously innovate to adapt the testing framework of the project, and improve the test efficiency;

6. Have good management, organization and coordination skills.

Working place: Xiamen City

Contact information: 0592-5568096-811/817/809 (Human Resources Department)

Resume delivery mailbox:

Deputy Manager of the System Integration Department

Job Duties:

1。 Assist the department manager to manage the system integration team, establish the technological management standards and the system operation as well as other related systems for the company's product development, and put them into practice;

2. Responsible for the operation and maintenance of the system equipment within the company's scope of maintenance jurisdiction;

3. Responsible for reviewing the design and development of new products, and its delivery and after-sales service capacity as well as quality assurance ability;

4。 Responsible for the system integration design and the organization, coordination and implementation of the whole development process;

5. Responsible for the construction, alignment and testing of the system integration in the installation site, and controlling the working environment;

6。 Responsible for the use and maintenance training of the system integration to the customers;

7。 Responsible for controlling the hardware and working environment needed for the implementation of product compliance;

8. Organize the related workers to prepare the solution plan of the project and the system integration plan;

9。 Assist the business department in the promotion and application of the company's products, responsible for inspection, supervision and analysis to ensure the data is reported to the superior departments timely, accurately and intactly;

10。 Assist the department manager to write the site regulations and the regulatory regime within the jurisdiction of the department。

Job Requirements:

1. Full-time bachelor degree or above in computer or related professional background, have more than 8 years of team management experience of the large and medium-sized project and more than 2 years of department management experience;

2. Have a good knowledge of IT software and network system integration, familiar with the market and collocation of mainstream IT hardware and software products;

3. Familiar with the project management theory, have good project management and control abilities, such as the demand analysis, the project planning, the schedule control, the risk management, etc.

4. Have good communication and coordination ability, analytical and problem solving skills as well as good documentation and collating skills;

5. Have experience in information security and related works, or have experience in the organization and implementation of the governmental and industrial network integration is preferred.

Working place: Xiamen City

Contact information: 0592-5568096-811/817/809 (Human Resources Department)

Resume delivery mailbox: human-resource@xmnode。com

The Demand Analyst

Job Duties:

1。 Establish the system to meet the customer's demands and the company's software development system, refine and summarize the customer's demands and guide the customer's demands correctly;

2. Cooperate with the project manager to coordinate the product line relationship and allocate the internal and external resources reasonably;

3. Combined with the customer's demands and the technological architecture of the products, to support the demands and complete the architecture of the demands/ function documents;

4. Cooperate with the demand engineer and the architecture engineer to complete the product planning, design and the product life cycle management of the product line.

Job Requirements:

1。 More than 5 years of experience in manufacturing industry, proficient in the manufacturing processes and specifications of manufacturing industry;

2。 More than 3 years of software development experience, have certain software development basis;

3. Have some resources for automated production and manufacturing;

4. The heads of the information department are preferred.

Working places: Xiamen City, Chengdu City

Contact information: 0592-5568096-811/817/809 (Human Resources Department)

Resume delivery mailbox:

Deputy Manager of Development Department

Job Duties:

1。 Responsible for the performance appraisal of the department;

2. Establish unified technology development standards, processes and systems, and standardize the development works of technical teams;

3. Guide, handle, coordinate and solve the technical problems in the development process, and ensure the normal operation of software development;

4。 Organize the project personnel meetings to discuss the progress arrangements, technical difficulties and response plans of each link of the project according to the type of project accessed by the company;

5. Control the software code and distribute authority;

6. Participate in the design, analysis and review of the technical architecture, select and formulate the plan;

7。 Distribute the department works, train and cultivate the department personnel。

Job Requirements:

1. Bachelor degree or above in communication, electronics, computer, or other related majors, have more than three years of team management experience;

2. Have a solid foundation of JAVA language and J2EE, proficient in using Spring, Struts, Hibernate, Ibatis framework and understand its working principles;

3. Have a good object-oriented thinking mode, and are able to use object-oriented methods to analyze;

4. Have strong communication and expression abilities, know how to make contributions to the team, can balance the work and personal relationship under high level of pressure;

5。 Have a clear and sharp mind, strong logical analysis ability, a high degree of responsibility and strong adaptability, and a good teamwork spirit。

Working places: Xiamen, Chengdu

Contact information: 0592-5568096-811/817/809 (Human Resources Department)

Resume delivery mailbox:

The Project Management

Job Duties:

1. Establish and better the project management system and the process of the company, and improve it constantly;

2。 Responsible for the supervision and coordination of the upstream and downstream quality in the project construction process, and regulate the risks;

3. Responsible for the delivery and inspection, schedule plans, QA and so on in the project management process;

4. Track the implementation of the project management specifications;

5. Organize and manage the wealth base of the project;

6. Apply for the company's CMMI system.

Job Requirements:

1. Familiar with the CMMI system specifications, used to participate in the evaluation process of CMMI;

2. Familiar with PMP and the project management specifications;

3. Familiar with the development process of large-scale software;

4. Bachelor degree or above, more than 5 years of experience in project management is preferred.

Working place: Chengdu City, Xiamen City

Contact information: 0592-5568096-811/817/809 (Human Resources Department)

Resume delivery mailbox:

The System Architect

Job Duties:

1。 Responsible for the review, building, design, development and arrangement of the system's demands, and tackling the technical difficulties;

2. Maintain good communication and cooperation with product managers, system architects, developers, testers, the operation and maintenance personnel and other project stakeholders to ensure the consistency of the project information;

3. Able to manage R&D resources, which includes but not limited to the hardware and software resources, the document library, and responsible for coordinating resources among projects;

4. Responsible for the overall architecture design, the module design and development, the component design and development of the software products and projects;

5. Responsible for providing and writing the design documents, technical solutions, deployment plans which related to the product and the software, and responsible for its guidance and implementation;

6. Responsible for providing the staff with technical training plans, courses, teaching cases, etc., and the implementation in every specific procedure;

Job Requirements:

1。 Bachelor degree or above in computer science or related fields;

2。 More than 10 years of experience in Java software design and development, have at least 2 years of actual architecture and design experience in large and medium-sized products and software projects;

3. Familiar with the software development process and have experience in the development and implementation of large and medium-sized software projects;

4. Have good analytical and planning ability and architectural design ability of the system, have insights into the large software architecture, have certain experience in SOA architecture design and its development experience (e.g. ESB)

5. Familiar with Linux, windows and other system's environments, familiar with Android, IOS and have certain development experience is much better;

6. Master OOA/OOD, familiar with the common development framework and commonly used database of J2EE, have certain experience in dealing with the mass data and optimizing the performance of system;

7. Have positive thinking habits, be active, conscientious and responsible, have team spirit and a high degree of responsibility and are able to undertake strong work pressure;

8. Have strong learning ability and ability to overcome technical difficulties, and are easy to accept new technology and new ideas.

Working place: Chengdu, Xiamen

Contact information: 0592-5568096-811/817/809 (Human Resources Department)

Resume delivery mailbox:human-resource@xmnode。com

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