Xiamen Node Group Went on a business trip to Pakistan

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         Having integrated foreign advanced skills into its efficient management, refined work flow, and innovative business concepts, Xiamen Node Group has developed into a large-scale IT company which is able to realize the automation and informatization in large and medium-sized manufacturing industries (e。g。 tire industry) and provide better services for customers。 Guided by “The Belt and Road” strategy, Xiamen Node Group intends to build up an overseas development base by cooperating with the countries alongside。 To reach this goal, on January 26th of 2018, Mr. Zhang, the president of Xiamen Node Group, led a delegation to visit Pakistan to explore the possibility of cooperation.

    China - Pakistan Economic Corridor, which is intended to rapidly modernize Pakistani infrastructure and strengthen its economy by the construction of modern transportation networks, numerous energy projects, and special economic zones, brings many opportunities of business。 Xiamen Node Group seizes the chance and went on a ten-day trip to Pakistan, during which the delegation team visited Faisal Mosque, CIS Science Park, SZABIST University of Islamabad, Islamabad Women’s School, The Arid agricultural university of Islamabad, DPL company, ITU university of Pakistan, Xavor company, ADDO AI company, NETSOL technology Co。 Ltd。, DevBatch company, etc。 They had a deep communication and discussion with those well-known enterprises and institutions on such fields as the internet of things, information security, intelligent automation system, etc。  

In the future, Xiamen Node Group will provide technical training and internship for computer science majors from some of the most prestigious universities in Pakistan, who are potential to become the technical backbone personnel for the overseas bases. With its abundant strength, Xiamen Node Group plans to expand business to software industry, marketing and investment.


Xiamen Node Technology Group Co., Ltd.

                                                                                         Feb. 6th, 2018








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